Hand Painted Silk Scarves

These are hand painted one at a time, flat silk scarves. Each is unique, hand washable and made with love and attention to detail.

The links below will take you to the Cygnet Silks Etsy shop page. (It’s pretty much guaranteed that there is a lot more work in my booth than in the Etsy shop. Photographing and posting one of a kind pieces is time-consuming).

Small Scarves:

Small (approximately 8×54 inches), for a light, delicate look.

Medium Scarves:

Medium (approximately 11×60 inches), I consider this the default size – enough to wrap around without being too big and bulky.

Large Scarves:

Large (approximately 14×72 inches), good if you like to double up the scarf, or have a good amount to play with.


Wrap (approximately 22×90 inches), a nice wrap for around the shoulders with a sleeveless dress, or a nice big scarf.

Shawls / Sarongs:

Shawls (approximately 3 by 7 feet), a good sized shawl for round the shoulders, as a skirt or sarong, over a swim suit, or as a big fluffy scarf.