The Next Phase – Leaving the Portland Saturday Market

Well, after seven years at the Portland Saturday Market, I have decided to end my time there. For a lot of reasons, but I am streamlining life a bit, to make more time for my family and have a weekend off at the same time as my husband once in a while. With that, it makes sense to focus on the venues for my work that are the best fit, which seems to be art shows and galleries. I also have new projects to develop, with other styles of painting, silk painting and working with natural dyes on silk. As that comes together I’ll see about where and how to show it to the world.

The Saturday market is a wonderful venue for working artists and I have a lot of friends there, and you should continue to support them. It kept me afloat when I was new to Portland and it was just a crazy idea to do silk painting full time. I am very grateful for that. It is spooky to realize that a part of your life that was amazing at one time just isn’t fitting in quite as well now.

Meanwhile, I’ll be at the Lan Su Chinese Garden every Friday afternoon in August, from 12-4:00, doing silk painting demonstrations. And my next silk painting classes are coming up August 12 (although that one is full) and September 16th. September brings the Corvallis Fall Festival and Local 14 Art Show in Portland. So I’ll be keeping busy.

As always, thank you for your support and for helping me lead this crazy artsy lifestyle.