I’ve been spinning wool for a while now. I am still practicing with the spinning wheel, which is pretty tricky. I thought it would be easy after the drop spindle, but, not so much. This yarn is spun on the drop spindle, and I dyed one strand with indigo, the other with logwood and madder, with alum and iron mordants. I plied them together on the spinning wheel and am now knitting some simple wrist warmers. I am working to get my indigo vat fully up and running, to use for scarves and altar cloths. It’s tricky but I’m making some progress. It’s so fun though. It feels earthy and timeless to spin yarn and brew potions of color for fibers. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it all one of these years! #handspun #naturaldyes #indigo

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New and improved photo taking spot. I am not a photographer, except we all have to be photographers now, so I do what I can. I wish I could do lovely outdoors photo shoots like some folks do, but gentlest breeze is a gale with these silks, so we’ll go with this. Besides, there’s a lot to be said for a setup that lets you take a photo as needed in the moment. #silkscarf #handpaintedsilk #photocorner #workingartist

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